Learn French by Podcast
This is the site I’m using for grammar right now. It could be better, but overall I do enjoy it, and I think the price is pretty affordable ($1 per lesson on average).

Learn French with Alexa
I really, really enjoy her introductory series for beginner. She explains things concisely and in such an encouraging manner that it’s impossible not to love her.

French Linguistics
My grammar bible for now. It offers comprehensive summaries for most of the conjugations I’m learning right now, accompanied by clear, straightforward examples.


Norman Fait Des Vidéos
He’s hilarious, and some of his videos come with CCs in both French and English. What’s not to love?


Collins French-English Dictionary
I’m using the Collins dictionary for now and so far it’s served me pretty well.

French English Dictionary
It’s free, and it does the job. The verb converter feature is pretty convenient, too, and a life-saver at times.

Pretty much the only form of pronunciation guide I have right now, since I’m not taking any formal lessons.