How to Study in Korean
This was my main source of grammar knowledge. For the longest time, it was the only site I used. It has some of the most in-depth explanations for Korean Grammar that I have ever seen. It’s also written by a fellow Korean learner (and proofread by a native speaker), which means it’s made with the unique needs and challenges of a language learner in mind.

Talk to Me in Korean
It provides a lot of content targeted at Korean language learners that are not only helpful, but entertaining as well. Make sure you check out their Youtube channel – I love their IYAGI series. They also make some really good books, so be sure to visit their online store as well. I found their Level 1-9 grammar podcasts a tad oversimplified, though, but I think they’re perfect if you’re looking for something short and light for when you’re on the subway, or waiting for the bus.

Supplementary Materials

Sogang University Course
I used this at the beginning of my studies, in conjunction with Talk to Me in Korean, before I found How to Study Korean and switched to that instead.

Intermediate College Korean
I think it works great as supplementary reading materials for intermediate learners, to be used alongside How to Study Korean and Talk to Me in Korean.


Naver Webtoons
Who doesn’t love webtoons? There are various sites you can go to for webtoons, but my favourite is Naver. You can download them for offline viewing, and it’s 100% free. Click here to check out my top 3 recommendations!

You can find English translation for some of the most popular webtoons here. It’s great for bilingual reading (click here to read more about this method).

Naver Web Novels
If you prefer something a bit more text-heavy, you might wanna give these online novels a go.


Speed Reading Club
An online Korean book club where you get to discuss English books in Korean. I’ve explained in this post here why I think it’s a great way to practice my writing skills, so do check it out if you’re interested. It’s a naver cafe, so you only need to make a naver account to join!

Submit your writing to this site for corrections and comments from native speakers. It’s a great way to learn new vocabulary and natural expressions. The replies can be a bit slow at times, though. Alternatively, you can also use the Notebook feature on italki for this – it does the same thing.


Spongemind Podcasts
A bilingual podcast for Koreans who are learning English, and for English speakers who are learning Korean. The Korean host, Jonson, words things with such eloquence and style that I find myself writing down sentences he’s said and memorising them in hopes of being able to use them in a conversation someday. Every episode comes with a PDF containing the transcript and the translation. I highly recommend this.

Story Time
A series by Talk to Me in Korean, featuring 54 episodes worth of natural dialogues, with bilingual subtitles. Need I say more?

It’s Okay to Be Sensitive
A short web series by tvN, with Korean subtitles! I found it pretty entertaining, and it makes for great listening practice.


As someone who’s been studying the language since 2005, Billy has a lot of interesting insights to offer when it comes to the process of learning Korean. The channel provides a mix of grammar lessons, cultural anecdotes and just generally really interesting content about both the Korean language and the Korean culture. He even talks about the various 사투리 (dialects) of South Korea, which I find super fascinating.

Motivate Korean
Like Billy, Jeremy has a lot of really intriguing insights to offer when it comes to the Korean language, as well as the process of learning it. I really enjoy his vlogs, all of which are thoughtfully designed and beautifully executed. He also co-hosts the aforementioned Spongemind Podcasts.

The World of Dave
Dave creates comedy sketches that are mostly in Korean (with bits of English thrown in every now and then) with bilingual subtitles. They’re very entertaining, and I think it’s inspiring to see how far he’s come (he’s been living in Korea for over 10 years).


Korean Pronunciation Guide
Not sure how to pronounce a word? This converter will tell you exactly how.

Naver Dictionary
Pretty self-explanatory.

Got a question about the Korean language or the Korean culture? Post it on HiNative and see what the native speakers have to say!

Color Coded Lyrics
You can find bilingual lyrics for most kpop songs here.