So, You Wanna Learn Korean?

We all have our reasons for learning a language. Maybe you just want to be able to watch your favourite shows without subtitles, or to write a fan letter to your favourite idol. Or maybe you’re just learning it for work. 

Whatever your goals, I’m here to help you reach them – with holistic, customised lessons designed around your needs, objectives and interests.

Every language learning journey is unique. My goal is to help you make the most out of yours.

Who Are Your Lessons For?

My lessons are primarily intended for:

  • Absolute beginners who are just starting out
  • Upper beginners who have some basics in grammar but aren’t sure how to get to intermediate
  • Lower intermediate learners looking to overcome the intermediate plateau

My Experience

  • April 2018 – Present

    Private online English tutoring for Korean students

  • October 2019 – Present

    Teaching at Korean Language House

  • November 2019

    Won Grand Prize (대상) at the 2019 Korean Speech Contest in Malaysia

  • August 2020

    Obtained TOPIK Level 6


All lessons are conducted online, via Zoom or Google Hangout.

A Sneak Peek

Most of my lessons begin with dialogues, where we take turns roleplaying as a way to learn expressions and words that can be easily used in everyday scenarios.

For beginners, I generally move on to some simple exercises to help the student remember the grammar point and vocabulary that were used in the dialogues we roleplayed with. I tend to focus more on sentence-building because I believe in helping my students get comfortable with creating their own sentences as early as possible.

I try to incorporate games and fun little exercises to keep things interesting. The second image, for example, is a simple game I played with my students when I was teaching them the location nouns (앞, 옆, 밑, 뒤…). There were 4 cats hidden in the picture, and their task was to spot the cats and describe their location in relation to other objects in the room. The third image is a mock schedule that I created for a student who’s a huge fan of Twice. We were learning expressions of time and the past tense that day, and she had to roleplay as Twice’s manager and talk about what they did that day based on the schedule provided!

For intermediate learners, I tend to use a more content-driven approach. The focus isn’t so much on learning new grammar points, but on drawing on their existing vocabulary and grammar knowledge to understand native content – songs, videos, k-drama clips, etc. And when we do learn new vocabulary and grammar points, it is always in the context of the content we’re watching that day. I would go over the content with the student, and then zero in on the parts they have trouble understanding on their own.

This is optional so it depends entirely on whether or not the student want to incorporate hanja into their learning, but my approach focuses less on how to write the characters themselves (which is generally what scares people off), and more on what the characters mean on their own (for example, 상 means ‘up, upper’), and how they can be combined with other common characters to form new words (for example, 상 [up] + 승 [rise] = increase). The goal is to help the student gain the ability of deducing the meaning of words they don’t know based on hanja knowledge, which can be very useful when they move on to more advanced content.

Book A Session

A 50% upfront payment is required before the lesson commences. Payments must be made through Paypal (or bank transfer, if you’re living in Malaysia). The payment details will be provided as soon as the lesson is confirmed.

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A Few Words from My Students

Heather has a way of simplifying complex grammar rules and explaining things in a concise manner, and she puts a lot of emphasis on practical application of what we learn during the lessons, which is really helpful. She also helps me understand my favourite BTS songs. That’s always a plus.


Never in my life would I have imagined being able to read Korean after just two lessons, but that’s exactly what happened after I decided to enroll in Heather’s Korean Alphabet class on a whim. Learning a new language is already a leap for me, but a language like Korean, where the writing is completely alien, was doubly intimidating. Heather helped ease me in with her very clear understanding of how the script works, and broke it down in a way that I believe ANYONE would be able to pick up. Her explanations are sharp and concise, and she takes the time to find out your interests so that even the example texts she uses are relevant to you. Her other great strength is her mastery of both English and Mandarin; those who read, write and understand Mandarin gain a lot of benefit from this due to the similarities between Korean and Chinese, and she’s able to explain in a context that makes picking grammar, vocabulary and other aspects of the language far simpler. On the other hand those who aren’t Chinese speakers, like myself, gain from her ability to deliver concepts in an easy-to-understand manner that’s packed with pop culture references, music lyrics and the like. Over and above that, she’s always available to answer questions, is exceptionally attentive, and most importantly – especially for a slow learner like me – she’s nurturing and encouraging. It’s no surprise I’ve moved from just the Korean Alphabet, to doing the 4-week Bootcamp, and now on to group tutoring. You can tell by now that, yes, I absolutely recommend Heather as a Korean tutor.


I really enjoyed learning Korean from Heather. The topics we discuss in class and the homework assignments are practical, and I appreciate her time and effort in preparing our learning materials. I started this class in May 2020 and I will be continuing until I can confidently speak and write!

KIM, 51