So, You Wanna Learn Korean?

We all have our reasons for learning a language. Maybe you just want to be able to watch your favourite shows without subtitles. Or to write a fan letter to your favourite idol. Or maybe you’re just learning it for work. 

Whatever your goals, I’m here to help you reach them – with holistic, customised lessons designed around your needs, objectives and interests.

Every language learning journey is unique. My goal is to help you make the most out of yours. Click here to learn more about my approach to language tutoring!

Where to Start

Hangeul 101

Master the Korean alphabets in just 2 lessons.

Survival Korean

Need a quick crash course to prep yourself for the trip to Seoul next month?

Private Tutoring

Learn at your own pace with lessons tailored to your goals, interests and needs.

NOTE: These lessons are currently available only to those in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. I do not offer online lessons at the moment. 🙂

A Few Words from My Students

Heather has a way of simplifying complex grammar rules and explaining things in a concise manner, and she puts a lot of emphasis on practical application of what we learn during the lessons, which is really helpful. She also helps me understand my favourite BTS songs. That’s always a plus.


Patient, funny, with great attention to detail and the ability to cater to students of varying levels of proficiency in a single classroom setting. Highly recommended.

JIE SI, 26

Heather’s very attentive and willing to go the extra mile for her students. She responds immediately when posed questions as well as provides tips and pointers to help me improve constantly. She’s a great tutor!


She’s patient, dedicated and versatile. I was in a class with a handful of other students – each of us were at different levels, with different needs and learning styles, and she was able to adjust accordingly and made sure everyone received the guidance they needed. Learning in a classroom setting can feel awkward and challenging for those of us who’ve graduated for years, but she was able to put me at ease right away, and thanks to that I was able to learn comfortably at my own pace.



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